ISBT is the global knowledge network for Transfusion Medicine

About ISBT

The International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) is a scientific society that was founded in 1935. Since that time the ISBT has grown in to an international society where transfusion medicine professionals from across the globe come together and do the one thing they do best: share knowledge to improve the safety of blood transfusion worldwide.

We believe that with the power of knowledge we can improve the safety of blood transfusion worldwide. Professionals from over 100 countries already share their knowledge with this international transfusion medicine community by being a member of ISBT.

Our mission

We are an international community of professionals sharing knowledge to enhance transfusion practice.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing opportunities for advancing knowledge and education
  • Advocacy for the welfare of blood donors and transfusion recipients


Our most important activity is to promote science and education related to blood, cells and transplantation. We have created an educational platform; the ISBT Academy ePortal. This eLearning facility includes webcasts of ISBT congress presentations and a library of transfusion guidelines. In addition we:

  • Encourage and support the ISBT Working Parties that focus on the study of specific topics. 
  • Publish a scientific journal Vox Sanguinis and provide other high quality educational print and electronic material.
  • Organise International and Regional congresses.
  • Support and participate in regional workshops, seminars and congresses either financially or by use of the ISBT logo.
  • Support professionals from low and medium development index countries financially.

ANBI status

The ISBT has ANBI status. ANBI is the Dutch abbreviation for Public Benefit Organisation by The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.


The ISBT Award for Developing Countries will be awarded to a Blood Service/Centre or a Department of Transfusion medicine within a medical institution from a Developing Country that has made a significant contribution in strengthening Blood Transfusion Practice within the Country. Qualifying Developing Countries will be those that have a Low or Medium Human Development Index (HDI) according to the UNDP.

Winners of the ISBT Award for Developing Countries



The Jean Julliard Prize recognises clinicians or scientists who are less than 40 years of age and have a noteworthy portfolio of recent published work contributing to advances in transfusion medicine. Individual members of ISBT may self nominate for the Jean Julliard Prize. The Prize is awarded every two years at the International Congress.

Applications for the Jean Julliard Prize that will be awarded in  2018 will open winter 2017.

Winners of the Jean Julliard Prize



The Foundation Transfusion Medicine grants this Award to a senior person who has made eminent contributions to transfusion medicine or a related field through original basic or applied research, the practice of transfusion therapy or through significant educational and/or service contribution to the field.

A short curriculum vitae of the proposed candidate and a description of his/her contribution in transfusion medicine, accompanied with three signatures of ISBT members, who support the nomination, should be sent to the Secretary-General of the Foundation. 

The Nomination Committee (consisting of the ISBT President, the ISBT President-Elect, the ISBT Scientific Officer, the Chairman and a member of Board of the Foundation Transfusion Medicine) will decide which candidate will be nominated.

Winners of the ISBT Presidential Award 

The ISBT Award will be granted to a person who, or an organisation which contributes or has contributed in an outstanding way to the education of blood transfusion or transfusion medicine science. The selection of the Award winner(s) and the granting of this Award is a prerogative of the Executive Committee of ISBT.

ISBT Award recipients

The Harold Gunson Fellowship gives doctors and scientists from developing countries an opportunity to attend ISBT congresses. A limited number of grants will be made available for ISBT Regional or International congresses. To apply for the fellowship you should:

  • Be 40 years of age or under at the date of the first day of the congress.
  • Be the first, submitting and presenting author of an abstract which has been accepted for the scientific programme.
  • Not have received a Harold Gunson fellowship twice before.
  • Submit an abstract for the congress and request the fellowship form from the ISBT Central Office.

The Vox Sanguinis Best Paper Prize is a scientific award for the best original paper that has been published in ISBT’s journal Vox Sanguinis in the previous calendar year. The editors of Vox Sanguinis will compile a list of papers that qualify for this Prize. The value of the prize is €5000 and is granted by the Standing Committee on Vox Sanguinis and the Editorial Board.

Vox Sanguinis Best Paper Prize winners

ISBT Central Office

The ISBT Central Office is located in the centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With four fulltime colleagues and one part time colleague we:

  • Provide administrative and organisational support for the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
  • Manage membership matters.
  • Coordinate International and Regional Congresses.
  • Facilitate content creation for the ISBT Academy ePortal.
  • Support the Standing Committees and Working Parties.
  • Edit and arrange for the distribution of ISBT's quarterly magazine Transfusion Today.
  • Operate as System Administrator for the ISBT website.

Meet the ISBT Team

Marnixstraat 317
1016 TB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: + 31 (0)20 7601 760

Board of Directors

The ISBT Board of Directors is entrusted with the corporate governance and overall management of the ISBT. The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee and nine Regional Directors. The Board delegates specific management and administrative functions to the Executive Committee which also works to ensure that the ISBT acts in accordance with Board decisions and with resolutions approved by members at the Annual General meeting. Read more.

Standing Committees

The Standing Committees comprise a Chairperson and individual members chosen for their experience in the particular field of work. The ISBT has a number of Standing Committees:


Medical Products of Human Origin

In May 2014 during the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Luc Noel (WHO Special Advisor- Service Delivery and Safety for the Initiative on Medical Products of Human Origin) set up a meeting involving representatives of four nongovernmental organisations in official relations with WHO to discuss a proposal relating to Medical Products of Human Origin (MPHO). The four organisations involved were The Transplantation Society (TTS), the Worldwide Network for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (WBMT), the International Society for Blood Transfusion (ISBT) and the International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation (ICCBA).

Click here to download the ethical principles guiding the donation and procurement of Medical Products of Human Origin.


We are honoured that five companies are supporting ISBT as Gold Corporate partners:

One company as Silver Corporate Partner: 

And one company supports ISBT as Bronze Corporate partner:

Their valued support enables ISBT to continue facilitating knowledge about transfusion medicine and promoting a safe blood supply.

All levels of Corporate partners enjoy priority allocation at ISBT congresses for exhibition space and satellite symposia. Platinum and Gold partners have the opportunity to meet with members of the ISBT Executive committee and to work with ISBT when appropriate on educational activities.

We offer four levels of partnership:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

For further information please contact Judith Chapman.

Gold Partners

Abbott is a health care company that is devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health. The products span the continuum of care, from nutritional products laboratory diagnostics through medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. For more information about Abbott, please visit their website:

Since Bio-Rad was founded over six decades ago, they have continued to provide the healthcare industry with innovative and useful products that help life science researchers accelerate the discovery process and medical diagnostic labs obtain faster, better results. For more information about Bio-Rad, please visit:

DiaSorin develops, produces and distributes immunoreagent kits for clinical diagnostics. By making tests available that can provide guidance in making clinical decisions, DiaSorin has contributed to improving the delivery of health care and reducing its costs. For more information about DiaSoring, please visit:

Immucor plays a role in making blood transfusions safe for patients around the world. They market a complete line of traditional immunohematology reagents and fully automated instruments as well as data management software. For more information about Immcuor, please visit:

With over 30 years of experience developing, manufacturing and commercializing blood-grouping reagents for the global transfusion diagnostics market, Quotient is focused on providing high quality, high value immunohematology products to hospitals and blood banks around the world. Quotient is nearing the commercialization of MosaiQ™, a next generation automation platform for transfusion diagnostics. For more information about Quotient, please visit: 

Roche provides diagnostic tests and automation platforms used worldwide to improve the safety of blood products, increase laboratory efficiency, diagnose disease, monitor response to therapy and identify gene-based factors that may aid in treatment selection. For more information about Roche, please visit:

Silver Partner

World leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics, bioMérieux has been providing diagnostic solutions for 50 years, and is now operating in more than 150 countries through 41 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors. For more information about bioMérieux, please visit: / 



Bronze Partners

DIAGAST has designed, produced and marketed Immuno-Haematology (IH) solutions in over 60 countries for 30 years. The company offers a wide range of blood typing antibodies and ready-to-use reagents. With more than 40 clones and a high production capacity, DIAGAST is a major player in Transfusion. For more information about DIAGAST, please visit: