Transmedcon 2020


ISBT will be at Transmedcon 2020 to be held in Mumbai January 8 – 11, 2020 with a Highlights of ISBT day on January 8. The Highlights day will feature presentations from the ISBT congresses in Toronto, 2018, Basel and Bangkok 2019. Find the table below with all presentations and speakers. We hope to see you there.

Title of presentation Presenter
Pathophysiology of TRALI: current concept Yoke Lin Fung, Australia
Enzyme converted red cells fact or fiction Martin Olsson, Sweden
Blood group typing with NGS - One-stop shop Jill Storry, Sweden
Prevention of HLA alloimmue platelet refractoriness Katerina Pavenski, Canada
How to provide HLA-matched platelets: Indian experience Ratti Sharma, India
Current status of PBM practice
-outcome of the 2018 consensus conference
Katerina Pavenski, Canada
Management of pre-operative anemia Mukesh Desai, India
Restrictive transfusion in older patients: pros & cons Yoke Lin Fung, Australia
Recent advances in Pediatric transfusion practices Satyam Arora, India
Estimating risk and evaluating efficacy of risk reduction strategies Mike Busch, USA
ISBT's global vision for safe blood for all -round table discussion Martin, Judith, Lin, Mike, Satyam