Shanghai Blood Center experience during the covid19 pandemic


We'd like to share the Shanghai Blood Center experience during the covid19 pandemic. They created a contingency plan for ensuring blood safety and availability in response to emergencies. It includes a set of strategies for recruitment and screening of blood donors, blood inventory management, personnel protection and material reserves, which is proved to be effective in this event.
1. Create a Donor history questionaire
2. Stablish a System for post donation information
3. Implement prevention and control measures
4. Assign special personnel to surveillance the inventory & blood collection and assess the requirement of blood supply from hospital and adjust the strategy for blood collection and supply day by day
5. Stop using central air conditioner and adopt other electric heating equipment
6. Divide the staff of each department into two groups. The two groups of personnel did not meet as much as possible to prevent the suspension of work if an employee is infected. Staff members should try to keep themselves near the work place to reduce unnecessary walking and contact.

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