WHO Survey - Establishing National Haemovigilance Systems


World Health Organization (WHO) has established a working group on “Haemovigilance Tools” as an activity under the Action Framework to Advance Universal Access to Safe, Effective and Quality-Assured Blood Products 2020–2023 (Action Framework).

Under the Action Framework, WHO has prioritized effective blood safety surveillance/haemovigilance supported by comprehensive and accurate data collection systems within one of the six strategic objectives. 

WHO seeks to develop a guidance document on stepwise development of a national haemovigilance system for use in Member States. The document is intended to build upon the 2016 WHO guidance entitled “A Guide to Establishing a National Haemovigilance System” moving from “what to do” to “how to do it.” 

The WHO working group has developed a survey to help focus their work in this area. This survey is distinct from GDBS. The results will remain confidential and will be used solely for development of haemovigilance tools.

We would be grateful for your support in completing the digital survey, which will be open until January 14, 2021.

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If you identify other stakeholders in your organization who may have information to share regarding the content of this survey, we request you to circulate the link and instructions in the reference document below to all relevant stakeholders.

Reference Document