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1.1 Organisational issues

1.2 Information technology

1.3 Cost/effectiveness

1.4 Training and education

1.5 Risk models, standards and regulation

1.6 Blood supply management and utilization - but not blood group or clinically related

1.7 Quality management

2.1 Blood donor recruitment and retention

2.2 Blood donor health

2.3 Blood collection including apheresis

2.4 Donor adverse events

3.1 Blood processing, storage and release
3.2 Blood components
3.3 Plasma products
3.4 Pathogen inactivation
3.5 Novel blood products

4.1 Screening strategies for TTI
4.2 Hepatitis B (HBV)
4.3 Hepatitis C (HCV)
4.4 HIV
4.5 Bacteria
4.6 Parasites
4.7 Newly emerging pathogens and other transfusion related pathogens

5.1 Red cell immunology: Serology
5.2 Red cell immunology: Molecular
5.3 Platelet immunology
5.4 Granulocyte immunology
5.5 Fetal-maternal immunology

6.1 Neonatal and pediatric transfusion

6.2 Therapeutic apheresis

6.3 Evidence based transfusion medicine practice

6.4 Haemorrhage and massive transfusion

6.5 Adverse events, including TRALI

6.6 Haemovigilance and transfusion safety

6.7 Alternatives to blood transfusion

6.8 Patient Blood Management

6.9 Transfusion practitioner related clinical practice improvement - Abstracts MUST address how the transfusion practitioner (TP ) has been involved with/or led clinical transfusion practice improvements that could relate to: Safety and appropriate use of blood and blood products, patient blood management initiatives, haemovigilance, education, activities to improve patient safety and audit.




7.1 Stem cell and tissue banking, including cord blood
7.2 Collection, processing, storage and release
7.3 Clinical applications

8.1 HLA in transfusion medicine
8.2 Histocompatibility in stem cell transplantation
8.3 Histocompatibility in organ transplantation



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