Innovative cellular approaches for transfusion medicine


7th Sanquin Spring Seminars

On 5 April, 2019 the 7th Sanquin Spring Seminars will be organized.

Topic: 'Innovative cellular approaches for transfusion medicine'. For PhD students and post docs a masterclas will be organised on 4 April 2019.

Keynote speakers (confirmed) 

  • Matthew Porteus, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA 
  • Ash Toye, University of Bristol, United Kingdom 
  • Kathleen Freson, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium 
  • Cedric Ghevaert, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 
  • Paul Frenette, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA 

You may register (free of charge) for the spring seminar 2019 already. More information on the program is available on the seminar website.