CBBS - Joint Virtual Seminar


The CBBS CLS Committee and LifeStream (Educational Department) proudly present a regional seminar that will take you to the next level in Blood Banking and Immunohematology.

Below are some of the exciting and innovative sessions they have lined up so far!

  • From blood donation to transfusion: Creative Strategies Implemented in a Pandemic
  • ABO Genotyping
  • Can this patient be transfused? Case studies on antibody resolution
  • Gene editing for hematological disorders
  • Monoclonal antibody therapies that affect pretransfusion testing
  • Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast LIVE with Dr. Joe Chaffin and Sue Johnson: Essentials of D Variants
  • Old Made New: Unique Products for Trauma Transfusion

Click here for more information and registration.