About ISBT Congresses

One of the main activities of ISBT is organising Regional and International Congresses and ISBT is committed to holding these around the world. The two Regional Congresses (one of which is held in Europe) are held in odd years whereas the International Congress is held in even years. For past congresses click here. The Congresses are organised in collaboration with a local (national) blood transfusion society or institute. A call for expressions of interest to host a congress are published on the ISBT website in December four years prior to the congress year.

Expressions of interest for hosting the 38th International congress of the ISBT in 2024

Expressions of interest are invited from National Blood Transfusion societies or National Blood Transfusion institutes for hosting a congress in conjunction with ISBT. This is an exciting opportunity for you to work with ISBT on providing a state of the art, inspirational congress for blood transfusion professionals. ISBT international congresses go around the world and congresses will have taken place in Dubai in 2016, Canada in 2018, Spain in 2020, and Malaysia in 2022.

ISBT congresses are organised by the ISBT Core Professional Congress Organiser and the ISBT Central Office. The Local Organising committee will have some responsibilities including proposing topics for the scientific programme and making suggestions for the social programme.

If you are interested in hosting an ISBT Congress, please send a letter expressing your interest to ISBT Central Office. Please make sure to follow the instructions on what to include in the application carefully. Click here to read the procedure. The closing date for expressions of interest is January 27, 2020.

Upcoming ISBT Congresses 

Barcelona, Spain, December 12 - 16

Milan, Italy, June 6 - 9
Brisbane, Australia, November 13 - 16

Kuala Lumpur, June 4 – 8


Serology in immunohaematology

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Blood group 0 and malaria

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Discovery of Toll like receptors

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