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exchange ideas and information related to Information Technology for use in Transfusion Medicine

Information Technology (IT) is a critical part of Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapy which comprises recruitment, collection, testing, processing, distribution, transfusion/transplantation and quality. IT supports fast and easy access to process data generated in the blood supply chain, including manufacturing, labelling and inventory, facilitating and improving compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). At blood centres, different tags are needed for blood bags, containers, locations, personal identification and/or tubes. A 'license plate', in which a unique tag identification code (UID) is linked with a unique donation number ⁄ product code in the host computer, is used for tracking and information. A data carrier held on the label in barcodes and paper is also used. Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a method of uniquely identifying items that uses electromagnetic radio waves (wireless air interface) to interact and exchange data between tags and readers.


As a member, you have the opportunity to drive forward IT, automated system solutions and standards by sharing experience and knowledge. We discuss the various strategies, IT-related developments and potential new techniques. This WP has various subgroups or taskforces: Interface, RFID and Traceability & Validation.

Our Chairperson is Patricia Distler.




We meet at the ISBT congresses, the different taskforces focus on:

  • The Interface Taskforce enhances the use of standards by system-system and device-system interfaces.
  • The RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Taskforce works on options and rules for introducing RFID solutions in Transfusion Medicine.
  • The Traceability & Validation Taskforce provides support and advice.

Joining the WP

Any member can join, including employees of pharmaceutical and device maker companies.

Interested in joining the IT WP? Please email our Chairperson.





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Interface Taskforce


Patricia Distler

Patricia Distler


Redlands USA

TaskforceContact person
InterfaceChairpersonLinda Lodge
Vice-chairTeresa Knutsen

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)


Ralf Knels