Prize and award winners 2020


Prize winners announcement: Anneke Brand and Angelo D’Alessandro

ISBT Presidential Award:
The Foundation Transfusion Medicine grants this award to a senior person who has made eminent contributions to transfusion medicine or a related field through original basic or applied research, the practice of transfusion therapy or through significant educational and/or service contribution to the field. We are pleased to announce that Anneke Brand is the prize winner for the ISBT Presidential Award 2020. The ISBT Presidential Award will be granted in 2020 at the 36th International Congress of the ISBT in Barcelona, Spain.

The Jean Julliard Prize winner for young scientists 40 years and younger:
The Jean Julliard Prize recognises clinicians or scientists who are less than 40 years of age and have a noteworthy portfolio of recent published work contributing to advances in transfusion medicine. The prize is awarded every two years at an International Congress. The Julliard Prize will be awarded during the 36th International Congress in Barcelona to Angelo D’Alessandro.