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The next ISBT webinar on " SHOT Annual Report - Serious Hazards of Transfusion" will be presented on Wednesday August 5, 2020 at 02:00 PM CEST byShruthi Narayan.

SHOT is the United Kingdom independent, professionally-led haemovigilance scheme. Since 1996 SHOT has been collecting and analysing anonymised information on adverse events and reactions in blood transfusion from all healthcare organisations that are involved in the transfusion of blood and blood components in the United Kingdom.  Where risks and problems are identified, SHOT produces recommendations to improve patient safety. The 2019 Annual SHOT Report was launched in July 2020.

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Aim of the webinar: This webinar provides a short overview of the 2019 Annual Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) Report, which captures information and learning from serious adverse incidents and reactions related to transfusion throughout the UK. It will cover the key messages and recommendations, alongside giving a brief summary of learning points from throughout the report.
Level of education required (1-5): 1 - Fundamental Awareness (basic knowledge)
Prior knowledge required: The full 2019 Annual SHOT Report and summary are available on the SHOT website ( Viewing these beforehand may give attendees the opportunity to consider the information contained and form appropriate questions.
Target audience: This webinar is applicable to all who have role in transfusion practice or decisions relating to transfusion policy-  from donor carers to laboratory scientists and nurses, healthcare assistants to Consultant Haematologists and hospital management. All of these professionals can benefit from SHOT’s messages to improve transfusion safety.

You can find the recordings of previous webinars on ISBT Education.