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Do not forget to sign up for the next webinar “Blood center aspects in supporting LTOWB program in the hospitals”. This webinar will be presented by Mark Yazer, Eilat Shinar, Torunn Oveland Apelseth and Pampee Young.


Date: August 25, 2021
Time: 03:00 PM CEST

Aim of the webinar:
The use of low titer group O whole blood (LTOWB) is increasing as data showing the benefits of providing blood early in the resuscitation of trauma patients increases.  This session will focus on blood center aspects of supporting a hospital LTOWB program featuring speakers from around the world who have firsthand experience.

Level of education required (1-5):
3 - intermediate (practical application)

Prior knowledge required:
Attendees should be familiar with the use of blood products in trauma resuscitation and should be aware of the literature on the safety and efficacy of LTOWB transfusion

Target audience:
Blood collectors, transfusion medicine physicians, fellows, administrators of hospitals and blood collection facilities.

5-10 minutes: Mark Yazer - Clinical Use of LTOWB
10 minutes: Eilat Shinar- Implementation of LTOWB in Israel
10 minutes: Torunn Oveland Apelseth - Implementation of LTOWB in Norway
10 minutes: Pampee Young - Conservation of Rh negative LTOWB and the need for a national conversation to define its use in trauma transfusion protocols

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