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PRIVACY POLICY International Society of Blood Transfusion

1. Introduction

1.1 This privacy policy applies to all users of the website of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (“ISBT” hereinafter), including (prospective) members, registered persons, and non-members of ISBT, a foundation under the laws of the Netherlands. ISBT will respect your privacy and will keep your personal information confidential.

1.2 This privacy policy contains our information, explains personal data and the processing of personal data and for what purposes we process your personal information. It explains your rights, what we do to ensure your personal data are safe and how long they are stored. This privacy statement applies when you visit our website (http://www.isbtweb.org), register an account, become a member, or contact us.

1.3 A registered person is an individual who is interested in the field of Transfusion Medicine and who wishes to access and receive educational information and other benefits from ISBT by becoming a (prospective) member. All registered persons are asked to pay their membership fee in order to fully benefit from ISBT membership benefits as outlined in the ISBT Membership Agreement and on the ISBT website.

1.4 A member is an individual who has registered an account on the ISBT website and paid the annual membership fee. Members receive all benefits as outlined in the ISBT Membership Agreement and on the ISBT website.

1.5 This privacy policy and all future amendments are communicated to our members and website users via the ISBT website. Moreover, all registered persons and members of ISBT will receive an updated version of this privacy policy in May after the start of each membership year via email.

2. Your Privacy

2.1 ISBT complies with EU Directive 95/46/EC and the Dutch Act on the Protection of Personal Data. ISBT takes all reasonable care to prevent any unauthorised access to your personal information. Notwithstanding clause 2.3, ISBT shall not in any way sell or otherwise hand over your personal information to third parties, whether or not for commercial use.

2.2 The personal information collected via the ISBT website may be specifically used to:

• Enable ISBT to provide you with the products or services you request, e.g. educational services;

• Enable ISBT to communicate with you about specific matters regarding your Registered User registration or Membership registration, your registration for a meeting or an event, your submission of an abstract, grading, or any other service;

• Enable ISBT to send you information about ISBT activities which ISBT believe may interest you.

2.3 ISBT may supply some of your information to its subcontractors to perform specific services, as well as to ISBT partners who deliver, in close collaboration with ISBT, the actual fulfilment of the services offered through the ISBT website. These subcontractors and partners are bound by strict confidentiality rules and only perform certain tasks on behalf and under responsibility of ISBT.

3. Personal Data Processed by ISBT

3.1 (Prospective) Members In order to become a (prospective) member, ISBT requests you to supply certain information via an online application form. Information marked with an asterisk (*) is mandatory, all other information is optional.

3.2 If you submit information on behalf of a (prospective) member for registration purposes or otherwise, you represent and warrant that you have that persons full permission to provide this information to ISBT. ISBT reserves the right to ask you to provide evidence of such permission, and to contact the (prospective) member to confirm your authority. If ISBT determines that your authority was not properly obtained, ISBT may immediately and without notice discontinue the access to those features of the ISBT website for which you entered a registration.

3.3 ISBT requests you to supply (and where needed to update) the following information in the registration form:

Basic contact information and contact details;
• Full name
• Email address
• Gender
• Title
• Date of birth
• Institute name and correspondence address

We process this information to;
- Verify you are an existing person eligible for ISBT membership
- Contact you about your ISBT membership benefits and rights

Financial information;
• Bank details

We process this information to;
- Process your payments for membership and/or congress registration, hotel bookings, etc.

Business information;
• Primary specialty
• Position
• Social media accounts (optional)
• Reason to join ISBT (optional)

We process this information to;
- Tailor updates and send information of specific interest to your field or line of work.

3.4 Website users If you use the ISBT website, regardless of whether you are a (prospective) member or not, the following data are processed:

• Location
• Details about your activities on the website (e.g. pages visited)
• Your IP address
• Your browser and device type Please note that these details cannot be traced back to individual persons.

3.5 ISBT may also collect other personal data from you, be it actively supplied by you (e.g. telephone number or assistant’s contact details, content for e.g. Transfusion Today), or other personal data collected by ISBT, e.g. images at Congresses. At our congresses we have notices on display informing you of the presence of our photographers. We use these images for general marketing and communications purposes. If you have a question or remark about the use of these photos you can send an email to office@remove-this.isbtweb.org.

4. Special or sensitive personal data

4.1 ISBT does not need to process any special or sensitive personal data in order to perform its main activities and services. We therefore ask you not to share any such data with ISBT. Moreover, ISBT Membership is available to individuals over 18 years of age, and therefore we do not process personal details of minors, even if they have permission of a parent or guardian.

5. Reasons for processing personal data

5.1 ISBT only processes personal information that is necessary to perform its services to you, as well as information that can help ISBT optimise its performance to all (prospective) members and website visitors. Reasons for processing personal data by ISBT include:

• For registration and administration purposes

• To assess your application

• To draft and perform agreements (sponsoring, partnership, membership)

• To process payments

• To perform analyses for statistical and scientific purposes

• To perform statutory obligations

• To fulfil membership benefits and obligations

5.2 If ISBT decides it would like to process your personal data for other purposes, such as marketing, we will only do so after obtaining explicit consent from you. You can withdraw your consent at any time without providing any motivation.

6. Retention period personal data

6.1 We do not store your personal data longer than is strictly necessary for carrying out the reasons outlined in article 5. If there are legal requirements applicable to the storage, the personal data are no longer stored than required by law.

7. Third parties with whom we share personal data

7.1 ISBT may share your personal data with international third parties. Please note we will only share your data if this is necessary to perform an obligatory service to you as a member, congress participant, sponsor, exhibitor, or a person otherwise engaged with ISBT. We have signed Data Protection Agreements (DPA) with each of the third parties we work with to make sure the transfer, processing, and storage of your data happens in a secure manner. We have taken all reasonable measures to protect your personal data from unintentional loss or unauthorized access.

7.2 Third parties we share our data with include:

• Mailchimp; mailing provider for automated emailing and monitoring.

• Youwe; developer of the CMS of the ISBT website and digital membership database.

• Mollie; payment provider used by ISBT.

• Google Analytics; for statistical analysis of website traffic.

• MCI; professional congress organizer that may send you important information as a congress participant. MCI also manages our congress registration system.

• Wiley Inc.; publisher of our journals Vox Sanguinis.and the ISBT Science Series. Wiley requires your personal data to send ISBT Members Vox Sanguinis or to access online versions of Vox Sanguinis and the Science Series.

• TMO; printing company responsible for the distribution of Transfusion Today.

• Multilearning Inc.; developer of ISBT Education. Multilearning needs your email address to create your personal account and send you content updates.

• Uniglobe (possibly); travel agency used to book flights for e.g. Board of Directors, Invited Speakers, and Travel Fellowship winners.

• Surveymonkey (possibly); used to execute surveys and questionnaires, collect and analyse survey data.

Please note your personal data will only be shared with third parties relevant to your membership status.

8. Rights and complaints

8.1 You may at any time adapt your personal information held by ISBT. You have the statutory right to access, amend, and oppose the use of your personal information. By accessing your My ISBT account you have direct control over the information in your personal profile. You can access and change this information at any time, or alternatively send an e-mail to privacy@isbtweb.org. We may ask you to include a copy of your passport as a proof of identification, but we make sure your passport number, citizen service number (BSN) and photo have been obscured (redacted). You will receive a response to the request within four weeks.

8.2 ISBT will not send you unsolicited messages (via e-mail or any other means such as social media), and will not contact you on behalf of third parties without your consent. Your personal information will not be passed on to any other individual or organisation other than third party subcontractors and partners mentioned in clause 7.2.

8.3 ISBT uses e-mail as its primary form of communication. Consequently, you cannot opt out of basic membership e-mail communications as we are statutorily obliged to inform you of certain developments e.g. notice of elections. You can review the statutory obligations in the ISBT statutes. If you decide that you do not want to receive certain non-basic e-mail communications from ISBT you can unsubscribe from those email communications. All non-basic mailings sent to you contain the possibility to unsubscribe.

8.4 If you have a problem with the way ISBT processes your personal data or would like to make a formal complaint about the privacy conduct of ISBT you can contact the Data Protection Authority of the Netherlands, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens at autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/en.

9. Security of personal data

9.1 Personal data are personal and should remain personal. We find it just as important as you that your personal data is not made publicly available or is processed unlawfully. We therefore apply all possible (within reason) technical and organisational measures to safely process your personal data. To secure your personal data we use security software such as a virus scanner and firewall, passwords for electronic systems, a secure internet connection, and backups. It may happen that personal data is printed on hard-copies or included in other non-centralised data. ISBT Central Office staff and its third parties all use its best efforts to make sure your personal data remains confidential and is not used for any unlawful activities.

10. Data Protection Officer and Contact details

10.1 The International Society of Blood Transfusion
Marnixstraat 317
1016 TB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone number: +31(0)20 760 17 60
Chamber of Commerce number: 342 05 247
Website: www.isbtweb.org

10.2 ISBT has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The DPO is responsible for supervising the processing of personal data by ISBT, taking stock of data processing and advising on technology and security.
Ms B. Galindo
Marnixstraat 317
1016 TB Amsterdam
020 (0)760 1760