ISBT Young Professionals Council

Mentorship programme for Young Professionals


The mentoring programme has been established as a structured process for experienced professionals within ISBT to offer their time to assist with the professional development of less experienced members (aged under 40), enabling young professionals to advance in their careers. 


The benefits to the mentee are to understand and identify long term professional development needs, to recognise career opportunities and to realise the value of networking.  The benefits to the mentor are to be able to use their experience and expertise to contribute to professional and career development by working together with the young professional to identify opportunities.  
You have been ‘matched’ together based on mutual areas of professional interest. 


The first meeting will probably last about an hour. After that each meeting will probably last 30 – 40 minutes.  Meetings should take place around every six weeks.  It is a good idea to define the end point either during the first or second meeting. The mentorship programme should not take longer than 6 months. Only if both the mentor and mentee agrees to continue their mentorship, they can arrange for a longer period of mentorship. 

Eligibility for mentees

To enroll in the mentorship programme as a mentee, you need to be under 40 years of age and a member of ISBT. Moreover, it is essential that you have a defined objective that you would like to work on with your mentor. In your application, you will need to submit a few sentences about your objective. Based on this, your application will be reviewed and where possible, you will be matched with a mentor.



Topic of mentorship

The topic of the mentorship is defined by the background of the mentors. Each Working Party was requested to propose names. The area of the Working Parties that are participating is listed below and can be chosen for mentorship.

  • Blood Supply Management
  • Cellular Therapies
  • Clinical Transfusion
  • Haemovigilance
  • Platelet Immunobiology
  • Quality Management
  • Red Cell Immunogenetics and Blood Group Terminology
  • Immunohaematology
  • Leadership



Suggested guidance for meetings


  • Explains why they are interested in the mentor programme 
  • Outlines their career goals
  • Discusses their expectations of the mentor
  • Plans the next and future meetings


  • Outlines their current job responsibilities
  • Describes their career path
  • Discusses their expectations of the mentee, meetings and programme
  • Suggests a topic for the next meeting based on the mentee’s expectations of the programme. 


  • Prepares the discussion for the next meeting
  • Identifies a number of questions


  • Has reviewed the mentees topic and is prepared to discuss findings with the mentee
  • Prepared to answer the mentees questions

Along the lines of the second meeting with new topic subject or further discussion on the first topic.



Application form

Application form Mentorship Programme

Personal details

Personal details

Mentorship Request

Mentorship Request

Contact me if you have any questions

Eszter Herczenik

Eszter Herczenik

Scientific officer, ISBT