Eye Drops from Human Origin


First EDHO Workshop on Current Standards and Future Developments organized by the ISBT Working Party Cellular Therapies.

Goals of the Meeting:

This Workshop will provide a forum for scientists, regulatory authorities, ophthalmologists and transfusion experts on the usage, quality, clinical need and manufacture of eye drops from human origin. Selected scientific lectures from well-known experts will be presented. Key discussions to find commonalities in production and quality issues include the latest scientific knowledge. The aim is to reach consensus on classification, validation and standardization of these products. The active participation from various regulatory agencies will also be an important emphasis of this workshop. Ample time shall be provided for a highly stimulating personal discussion:

▪ To exchange knowledge between eye specialists, transfusion specialists and regulators.
▪ To enhance knowledge of eye physicians on properties of EDHO and its regulatory requirements
▪ To enhance knowledge of transfusion specialists on serum eye drops, the clinical need, patient´s needs 
▪ To develop a common ground for the regulation of EDHO

For more information click here to see the EDHO 2022 flyer.