Highlights of ISBT in Brazil: HEMO 2022 October

The Brazilian Association of Hematology, Hemotherapy and Cell Therapy (ABHH) thanks the ISBT Academy for its support of the Highlights of ISBT held in São Paulo on October 26th, 2022 from 8:30 am to 12:00 p.m. The event provided South Americans with significant content from the ISBT 2022 Virtual Congress.

The edition of Highlights of ISBT day was a great success. The institutions’ representatives: Dante Langhi Jr. (ABHH director) and Lin Fung (ISBT Vice-President) reemphasized the importance of upholding the partnership between both organizations. The event reviewed the main subjects discussed, as well as the most relevant topics in the field of transfusion, which can contribute directly to patients. 

The Highlights of ISBT 2022 signaled the sequence of a cooperation program between the two entities, intending to make such cooperation a regular activity in Brazil. Dr. Dante Langhi Jr. (ABHH director), Dr. Gil De Santis and Dr. José Orlando Bordin (ABHH Hemotherapy committee members) were on the Scientific Committee.

The program covered 2 sessions: 

  • Immunobiology and Granulocytes - TRALI and TACO and
  • PBM – Patient Blood Management

At session 1 Dr Lin Fung from University of Sunshine Coast has presented two talks: “An update on TRALI pathways” and “Clinical Utility of neutrophil antigen & antibody testing”, then Dr José Orlando Bordin has presented a talk about “Neutrophil antigen systems: An overview”. 

At session 2 Dr Guilherme Rabello from InCor has presented a talk about “Why implementing PBM?”, Dr Lise Estcourt from NHS Blood and Transplant has presented two virtual talks about “Systematic use of developing evidence-based methodologies for PBM guidelines” and “Tranexamic acid for safer surgery”, then Dr. Gustavo Duarte from New Zealand Blood Service has presented a talk about “PBM: The Brazilian experience”.

At the end of both sessions we had a time for discussions. ABHH joined Brazilian governmental, transfusion professional, blood establishment and industry partners in supporting the event, which welcomed 192 people from Brazil. 

We would like to thank the participants, speakers, and supporting organizations who made the event such a success. ISBT Academy funding enabled 1 international speaker – Dr. Lin Fung from University of Sunshine Coast. We also had 2 local speakers – José Orlando Bordin from Federal University of São Paulo and Guilherme Rabello from InCor and 2 virtual speakers: Dr. Gustavo Duarte from New Zealand Blood Service and Dr Lise Estcourt from NHS Blood and Transplant.

The learn more about ABHH and the HEMO congresses in Brazil visit: https://abhh.org.br/

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