Transfusion Medicine Congress of Serbia (TMAS) holds its 7th congress 2022 November

Transfusion Medicine Congress of Serbia (TMAS) held its 7th congress, it being its 2nd  International Congress was held from November 9-12, 2022 in Hotel Crowne plaza in Belgrade, Serbia. TMAS organized this event in cooperation with Transfusion Medicine Section of Serbian Medical Society. The Congress was under the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Ministry of Health and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.  ISBT was proud to sponsor this event, working closely with TMAS in this congress.

It was our great honor and pleasure participate in organising this congress, because we managed to gather the top domestic and European experts in the field of transfusion medicine  and other related medical branches. We managed to organize a successful and well-attended congress, which seemed as an ambitious and impossible task at after the COVID-19 pandemic. For this achievement we would like to say “a big THANK YOU” to everyone who trusted us with such an ambitious congress and participated, helping us to strive together for quality and higher scientific standards.

Well attended meeting 

The well attended congress had 467 participants from 11 countries which are namely: Lichtenstein, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria, Austria, North Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska.  There were 9 plenary lectures, 28 introduction lectures, 85 oral and 67 poster presentations, as well as 9 commercial symposia. The congress was supported by 18 companies from the field of transfusion and  regenerative medicine. The Congress consisted of 12 sessions: Blood components, Transplantation, Immunobiology, Quality management, Transfusion transmissible disease, Immunohematology, Blood donation, Hemostasis, Clinical transfusion, Apheresis, Plenary session and Technician session. The structure of these sessions consisted of introductory lectures, oral and poster presentations. The total number of oral and poster presentations was 160.

Broad spectra of topics

The 7th Transfusion Medicine Congress of Serbia was certainly the right place to exchange and hear all the news related to the promotion of voluntary blood donation, immunohematological and coagulation testing, monitoring of anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapy. Application of HLA typing, work of the Register of Donors of Hematopoietic Stem Cells, quality assurance in transfusion services, implementation of molecular testing, the role of a transfusiologist in tissue and organ transplantation, regenerative medicine.

Lively discussions

The participants lively discussed at the end of each session and gave very positive feedback. This gave a chance for everyone to contribute to the development and promotion of new transfusion ideas for the future development. 

All the participants had a chance to network with professionals from Belgrade and Serbia and enjoyed the wonderful experience of sharing knowledge with other academics. We hope that this congress enabled participants to see Serbia as we see it. It is a modern country that follows all the trends and developments of practices in the worlds of transfusion medicine. In conclusion, Transfusion Medicine Association of Serbia would like to take this opportunity to thank ISBT for helping make this event a great success. 

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Chairmen of the plenary session from left to right: Olivera Savić, MD, PhD, President of Transfusion Medicine Section of Serbian Medical Society; Academician Prof. Emeritus Bela Balint, President of Congress; Prof. dr Jovan Antović, Karolinska University Hospital Sweden; 

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Prof. dr Radica Rastvorčeva Grubović, President of Transfusion Medicine Association of North Republic of Macedonia

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Exhibition hall

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Prof. dr Miodrag Vučić, introduction lecturer session: Clinical transfusion

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Guests at the Opening ceremony

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Between sessions: Assist. Prof. of Research Snežana Jovanović Srzentić, Scientiffic Committee President; Prof. dr Primož Rožman, Blood transfusion Centre of Slovenia and Dragoslav Domanović, MD, PhD, European Blood Alliance.

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At the Opening ceremomy: Aleksandar Jović, Ana Antić, Mirsad Djerlek, Assist. Prof. of Research Snežana Jovanović Srzentić and Iva Djilas

The Author of this Report 

Ana Antić

Ana Antić

President, TMAS Blood Transfusion Institute Niš, Serbia