Training Workshop on Immunohaematology: Basic to Advanced, Peshawar, Pakistan, 2022 June

The Peshawar Regional Blood Centre, through the academy support of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), organized a two-day training workshop on ‘Immunohaematology: Basic to Advance’ in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. 

The practical sessions were supplemented by lectures, informal talks and individual tutoring where required. The subject workshop was attended by the representatives of public and private blood banks which included middle-level management, QC managers, medical technologists and postgraduate trainees. 
The technical session included lectures on Introduction to Immunology, Antigen-Antibody Reactions, ABO Blood Group System Genetics and Biochemistry, Rh Blood Group System Genetics, Minor Blood Group Systems, Antiglobulin Test, Cross-match via Gel Card, and Screening and Identification of Allo-Antibodies.

The practical hands-on training was provided to all participants (divided into two groups) on the lectures delivered. In addition, discrepancies in blood groups and troubleshooting procedures were explained practically. Each participant was provided with an opportunity to perform at least one procedure in front of the group. 

To avoid and reduce adverse transfusion reactions and complications, the need for routine antibody detection in the blood bank laboratory is of paramount importance. In Pakistan, red cell antibody detection tests and identification procedures conforming to acceptable international standards are not performed routinely in blood centres in Pakistan. The workshop is expected to increase the sensitization about performing these investigations routinely and build the technical capacity of the blood bank personnel to perform these investigations.

Pre- and post-course assessments were done to have a systematic collection and analysis of information to improve participants’ learning. Participants were given a questionnaire with 30 multiple-choice questions at the beginning and at the end of training. Overall, the knowledge after the post-course assessment was raised from 64.7% to 79.6%.

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks from the Chairman RBC Board, Dr. Jamal Abdul Nasir. He thanked the participants and speakers, especially colleagues from Afghanistan, for their presence and appreciated the efforts of the organizing team in conducting the workshop in a professional manner. He said the active participation from all hospitals and blood banks professionals was very encouraging and we hope for the same kind of support in the future. 

Souvenirs and certificates were distributed among the keynote speakers and participants. The workshop was evaluated before the concluding session through an Evaluation Questionnaire. The results of the evaluation provided appreciated remarks regarding the workshop. The results will be used to further improve the capacity building programmes in future.

The report is authored by Noor e Saba.

Noor e Saba

Noor e Saba

Director and Consultant Haematologist, Peshawar Regional Blood Centre, Pakistan