16 Dec 2021

This module is intended for educational purposes. Learners are advised to refer to local policies and procedures in their institutions as needed.

The module comprises of an introduction and 7 case studies. The introduction describes various aspects of transfusion reactions. Please read and study these thoroughly. In the case studies, your newly acquired knowledge will be tested. 

Throughout the course, you will find short quizzes to enhance your learning experience. You will have two attempts to answer correctly.

Take your time! You can do the module at your own pace. The module will save your progress and register where you stop and signoff. You will be able to continue where you left off when you login again. 

The module is accredited! Upon completion of all sections of the module, participants can receive 8 CME points from EBAH. In order to claim your points, register at EBAH: https://pe-online.info/

Please note that if you follow the below link, you will be asked to register or login with your name and email address. The course is free of charge. The purpose of this registration procedure is to keep track of your progress so that you will be able to pauze, return and proceed any time you wish to. 

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