23 Feb 2022

Webinar: Identify critical elements of a scientific manuscript review

This webinar was presented by Zbigniew "Ziggy" M. Szczepiorkowski on February 23, 2022.

1. Aim of the webinar:
The aim of the webinar is to identify critical elements of a scientific manuscript review. The peer review process has been enshrined in the scientific world for decades, and although it has its limitations, it is still a very useful tool to identify knowledge which is worth publication and dissemination. In this webinar we will discuss roles the reviewer plays and how her/his involvement may improve the quality of published manuscripts.

2. Level of education required:

3. What prior knowledge is required?

4. Target audience:
The intended audience includes all individuals who are interested in publication of their research as well as those who are interested in becoming reviewers for journals such as Vox Sanguinis.

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