Clinical Transfusion


To promote good clinical transfusion practice globally through education, audits and scientific studies

Clinical transfusion comprises all clinical aspects of blood transfusion and promotes safe practice and appropriate use of blood (components). This includes both the risks and benefits of transfusion as well as close monitoring of patients. Patients should only be transfused when there is evidence for potential benefit. Occasionally, transfusion alternatives might be considered. In order to optimize patient care in need for blood transfusion, it is crucial to follow an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach. Patient Blood Management (PBM) comprises patient evaluation and clinical management surrounding this decision-making process. This includes application of appropriate indications, minimization of blood loss and optimization of patient red cells. PBM can reduce allogeneic blood transfusions and health-care costs, while ensuring that blood components are available for patients.



The ISBT clinical transfusion working party is a multidisciplinary working party with interest in promoting for best transfusion practices, and clinical transfusion research. We support ISBT's library of evidence-based guidelines, audits and perform benchmarks.  We accomplish our aim by bringing together international transfusion experts to optimize clinical transfusion practice through the: 

1) Provision of a platform of exchanging knowledge among transfusion specialists, 
2) Developing clinical resources in transfusion medicine 
3) Updating the ISBT's library of evidence-based guidelines 
4) Providing opportunities for developing young professionals
5) Coordinating and publishing international projects.

Activities and projects

The clinical transfusion working party also participate in other activities and projects. This includes: 

  • Organizing the ISBT live Journal Clubs with participation of young professionals through the ISBT young professional council
  • Participating with mentors to mentor young investigators in the ISBT I TRY IT program
  • Participating with mentors to mentor young professionals within the ISBT mentorship program
  • Conducting global projects and benchmark surveys such as COVID-19 related research through the COVID-19 convalescent plasma-working group 
  • Conducting ISBT webinars

The working party is also involved in shared projects with other organizations such as:

  • the revision of the WHO Clinical use of Blood Manual
  • conducting the ISBT/ICTMG journal club/webinars
  • the development of the E-learning module for transfusion in collaboration with the European Blood Alliance (EBA)


The clinical transfusion working party members include hematologists, hematopathologists, transfusion practitioners and young professionals at early stages of their transfusion careers.


Current leadership


Chairperson: Arwa Al Riyami (Oman)

Vice Chairperson: Mark Yazer (US)

Secretary: Satyam Arora (India)

Meet our previous chairs


2010-2013: Jonathan Wallis (UK)

2013-2016: Shubha Allard (UK)

2013-2021: Cynthia So-Osman (The Netherlands)

Working Party Subgroups

Clinical apheresis



Patient Blood Management


Transfusion Practitioners


Social media 


Join the Working Party

ISBT members who are interested in clinical transfusion are welcome to join this WP. Applicants for membership must have a documented interest in clinical transfusion. 
To join the working party and its subgroups, please fill in the below online registration form. We will review your application and contact you accordingly.

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Personal information



The Clinical Transfusion Working Party meets at the ISBT congresses or virtually. It also organizes an  annual interim business meeting at the ISBT office in Amsterdam. The subgroups meet via teleconference calls 2-3 times per year. 


  • Meetings
  • WP reports
  • Transfusion Today articles

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Educational resources

  • E-learning; Transfusion reaction e-module
  • I TRY IT program
  • Publications
  • Patient blood management resources
  • Wikipedia Transfusion resources
  • Social media; Follow our posts on the ISBT social media accounts and share with us yours! #ISBTClinical

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Business meeting 2020 January

Working Party at the 2019 Basel Congress


Arwa Al Riyami

Arwa Al Riyami


Sultan Qaboos University Hospital