ISBT Academy Support

The ISBT Academy supports educational activities financially, with the ISBT logo or by endorsing courses.

About the ISBT Academy

The ISBT Academy was founded in 2011 to support applications for education and research activities. In 2013 the ISBT Board decided that the Academy would focus only on education and today ISBT’s education and knowledge activities are facilitated through the Academy.

ISBT Academy Goals:

  • Overseeing ISBT Education
  • Hosting and/or financially supporting workshops or educational activities
  • Supporting educational activities by use of the ISBT logo

Financial funding of an educational activity and use of the ISBT logo

Anyone can apply to the Academy for:

  • Funding of an educational activity
  • Use of the ISBT logo
  • Endorsement of educational courses

Applications should be filled in thoroughly and all requested supporting documentation included. All applications are reviewed by the ISBT Academy Standing committee.

Educational courses endorsed by ISBT

Education and training of healthcare staff involved in blood transfusion is essential. In 2017 ISBT launched a new form of support, the endorsement of educational courses aimed at developing knowledge in transfusion medicine.