Standing committees

The Standing Committees each oversee specific areas of work within ISBT. Each Standing Committee comprises a Chairperson and individual ISBT members chosen for their experience in the particular field of work, and reports to the ISBT Board of Directors.

The ISBT has the following Standing Committees:


The Standing Committee of the ISBT Academy

This Standing Committee reviews Academy applications, looks after educational projects and the e-learning platform ISBT Education.

Scientific Publication

Vox Sanguinis Standing Committee

The Vox Sanquinis Standing Committee is responsible for the selection of the publisher of Vox Sanguinis and makes the contracts with the publisher.

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The Standing Committee on Ethics

The Standing committee on Ethics gives advice to the ISBT Board of Directors on ethical issues relating to the objectives of the ISBT.

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Young Professionals Council

The Young Professionals Council fosters ambition and builds community among young professionals who are starting their career in transfusion medicine


Nominations Committee

The nominations committee seeks and endorses members for election to the Board of Directors.  


International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

ISAC was established to co-ordinate and harmonise the activities of the Working Parties and to advise the Scientific Secretary about possible choices for the scientific program and speakers at ISBT congresses.



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