ISBT is the global knowledge network for Transfusion Medicine

The International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) is a scientific society founded in 1935. Over the years ISBT has grown into a truly international society where transfusion medicine professionals from over 100 countries come together to share knowledge to improve the safety of blood transfusion worldwide. ISBT is home to 15 working parties; groups of ISBT members promoting science, research and best practice in their specific areas of expertise across the transfusion chain.

The Society organizes an international and regional congress in locations around the world and virtually, as well as many other educational activities such as webinars, live journal clubs and workshops. We advocate for the welfare of blood donors and patients through promotion of the ISBT "Code of Ethics" and ISBT is Non-State Actor in official relations with WHO. 


Vision: A world of safe and sufficient blood


ISBT is a global community of professionals sharing knowledge to enhance transfusion practice. We do this by: providing opportunities for advancing knowledge and education & by advocacy for the welfare of blood donors and patients.

Strategic plan

Our Strategic Plan will drive everything we do for the next 5 years. We want to expand on our recognition as a truly global and inclusive society with a high scientific focus which travels from ‘vein to vein’.

Please find here an overview of the Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024.