What this mentorship programme is about

The mentor shares their knowledge and experience, enabling the mentee to explore and improve their professional situation. The mentor and mentee work together to set and achieve predetermined goals and objectives, bringing benefits to both parties.

What's in it for me?


• Experience one to one support
• Gain impartial advice and an alternative perspective
• Have a sounding board for ideas and projects
• Work on overcoming challenges and developing new skills
• Prepare to advance your career in transfusion medicine


• Share knowledge and experience
• Enjoy investing in others
• Give back to the transfusion community and stay connected
• Enhance listening and feedback and mentoring skills
• Be inspired and enlightened by mentees

Who is eligible?


Any ISBT member looking for support with professional development. 


ISBT Members, initially, mentors will be able to join when invited.

The steps

1. Log in

Log in with your ISBT member credentials to the website. The link to the membership platform is only accessible for logged in members.

2. Register

Register on the platform as mentor or mentee. Newly registered mentors and mentees need to be approved, this might take a few days. 

3. Study the resources

It is strongly suggested that you first read all the instructions carefully and watch the available video's on the platform to learn about mentorship and how the platform works. Take time to do this as this will help you to understand the procedure. Read the below documents before you proceed with your mentorship. 

4. Create your profile

Indicate your expertise and skills and your topics of interests (choose up to 3). Select carefully as you will be matched based on these features. Add a personal statement, include any potential mentoring experiences (if you are about to join as a mentor) and what you are hoping to get out of a mentoring relationship, and any specific areas you would like to discuss or receive guidance on (if you join as a mentee). 

5. The matching

The platform will find matches based on the indicated expertise, skills and topics. If you are a mentee, the mentors at the top of the search will be a closer match than those further down the list. By choosing a mentor, the platform will send a mentoring request to the selected mentor. If the mentor accepts the invite, the mentoring can start.

6. The first meeting

The mentorship starts with arranging a first online meeting (the meeting will be held through the platform) and prepare for the conversation by setting goals using various tools (see the available resources on the platform). After the first conversation, develop questions and record the progress, this part will take up most of the mentee's time. 

7. The finish

Complete the journey when you feel you achieved your goals. Don't forget to submit the feedback survey. 

Some rules

Either you are a mentee, you are allowed to have 1 active mentorship at a time. Mentors can initiate 3 active mentorships at a time. It is up you (the mentors and mentees) how long the mentorship lasts.

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If you are already an ISBT member, please use your membership credentials to log in on the ISBT website (see the white-red button in the upper right corner of this page). If you are not a member yet, please join using the below link:

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Why can't I access the link to the mentorship platform?

You need to be logged in as an active ISBT member in order to access the link. Log in first on the ISBT website with your member credentials.

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Can I be a mentor and a mentee in the same time?

Yes! You can be registered both as mentor and mentee. To switch between the mentee and the mentor roles, please click on the "Switch to Mentee/Mentor" button on the top of your screen, see screenshot below:

Switch mentor mentee.png


Which topics can I get mentorship for?

There is a selection of skills and expertise that you can choose from. These include:

Blood Components, Blood Supply Management, Cellular Therapies, Clinical Transfusion, Donors and Donation, Global Blood Safety, Granulocyte Immunobiology, Haemovigilance, Information Technology, Immunohaematology, Platelet Immunobiology, Quality Management, Rare Donors, Red Cell Immunogenetics and Blood Group Terminology, Transfusion Transmitted Infectious Diseases (TTID).

When setting up your profile, you will be asked to choose from the below topics of interests:

Communication, CV building, Education, Interview preparation (as interviewee), Interviewing (as interviewer), Management and Leadership, Managing change, Presentation skills, Project Management, Strategic Management, Team Working, Time Management.