The I TRY IT 2024 programme is an initiative of the ISBT Academy and is led by members of the Transfusion-Transmitted Infectious Disease (TTID), Clinical Transfusion (CT) and Red cell immunohaematology Working Parties (WP).


There are 4 main objectives for the I TRY IT programme: 

  1. To complete a research protocol for a study designed to be conducted in your country or where your work. 
  2. To learn the components of research protocols/propos- als and specific study designs used in transfusion medicine. 
  3. To learn how to provide and to receive constructive criticism of scientific research
  4. To help you plan for and conduct the research project you designed as part of the programme, and approaches for analyzing the data to answer your research question.

The most challenging part is conducting the study and analyzing the data. However, these are easier if you begin with a solid foundation - the research protocol is that foundation.
There are many ‘bright ideas’ or research discoveries in the field of transfusion medicine that are waiting for young investigators.

Applications have now closed for the I TRY IT programme. 

To get more details about this year's I TRY IT programme, download the brochure below. 


About the programme

I TRY IT is a two-part programme:

  • Part 1 Training in Study Design and Protocol Development
  • Part 2 Training in Analysing Data and Manuscript Preparation

The two parts of the programme are offered in different years. 


Online live lectures:

Participants and instructors are located all over the world. The preferred approach is for you to participate during the live lectures online. Alternately, each lecture will become available to be downloaded via the I TRY IT group are of the ISBT website so that you can access the content at times that works best for you or if your internet connection speed requires you to download the material.
Attending the live lectures is the most certain way for you to learn the content and be able to ask questions to improve your depth of knowledge. We will be using Zoom™ for course lectures.

To participate, you will be invited to each online lecture and then will have to join the lecture via the URL provided in each invitation. Lecture recordings will be posted on ISBT Education. Each of you will have a specific login and password to access the content. 

Homework is assigned that is focused on writing the sections of a research protocol. As part of the programme you will write a real research protocol that can be implemented in your setting. You will also be involved in reviewing project proposals by others to experience peer-review as both a reviewer and reviewee.

In addition, you are expected to attend the Transfusion-Transmitted Infectious Disease (TTID) or Clinical Transfusion (CP) Working Party meetings as part of your training experience. 

Research Grant

To facilitate conducting research, the Study Design and Protocol Development programme concludes with the opportunity for you to apply for a small research grant to conduct your study

These research grants are competitive and awarded to the best protocols as judged by expert reviewers from the ISBT Working Parties.

Expenses Covered

Registration for the Barcelona ISBT Congress is provided for the participants. Travel and accommodation expenses to attend this ISBT Congress will also be covered.

ISBT Central Office will work with you to arrange international travel. You are responsible for securing any required travel documents such as passports or visas. ISBT will assist you by providing letters of invitation, but you will have to apply and pay applicable fees yourself.

You must become a member of ISBT. ISBT membership fees are not covered by the I TRY IT programme.

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I TRY IT Mentors

Marion Vermeulen

Marion Vermeulen

Individual Member Representative at the ISBT TTID WP, Executive, Transfusion Medicine and Technical Services, South African National Blood Service (SANBS)

Brian Custer

Brian Custer

ISBT TTID Working Party Chair, Director Vitalant Research Institute, Senior Vice President Research and Affiliate Professor, Laboratory Medicine, UCSF, San Francisco, CA, USA

Lilian Castilho

Lilian Castilho

Professor, University of Campinas in Brazil

Karin van den Berg

Karin van den Berg

Medical Director, South African National Blood Service, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Leo van de Watering

Leo van de Watering

Senior scientist, Department of Transfusion Medicine, Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

Arwa Al Riyami

Arwa Al Riyami

Clinical Transfusion Working Party Chair, Senior Consultant Hematopathologist, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Muscat, Oman


Recordings of the I TRY IT 2021 and 2022 Lectures

These recordings will only be available for I TRY IT Participants. If you are an I TRY IT participant, please make sure you are logged in to the website.