ISBT Code of Ethics

Defining ethical and professional principles to underpin the establishment and activities of blood services and identifying professional standards for those practicing transfusion medicine.

The Code of Ethics is available in 8 languages


The ISBT code of ethics was first developed in 1980 in response to the World Health Assembly resolution WHA 28.72 calling for establishment of national blood servies, voluntary non-remunerated blood donation (VNRBD) and promotion of the health of donors and recipients. The code is periodically reviewed and revised, most recently by Peter Flanagan (Chair of the ISBT Standing Committee on Ethics).

The current version was accepted by the ISBT membership on June 20, 2017 during the General Assembly at the 27th congress of the ISBT in Copenhagen. 


Watch the webinar Code of Ethics

Follow this link to visit ISBT Education and watch the webinar of Peter Flanagan, where he provides an overview of the revised and updated Code of Ethics. 


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