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On this page, you can find links to the three different ISBT publications: the Scientific Journal Vox Sanguinis, the eBook Introduction to Blood Transfusion: from donor to recipient (free to read) and the membership magazine: Transfusion Today.

ISBT members have access to the Vox Sanguinis and Transfusion Today. If you're not a member please join ISBT to take advantage of the latest publications. 

Scientific Journal: Vox Sanguinis

Vox Sanguinis is an international journal published by Wiley on behalf of ISBT, reporting on significant developments and advancements in transfusion medicine.

Vox Sanguinis


eBook: Introduction to Blood Transfusion: from donor to recipient

The book's aim is to provide written information as simply as possible, so that students who found themselves without adequate training and support were able to gain knowledge for themselves.

Visit the book

Membership Magazine: Transfusion Today

Transfusion Today is the society's quarterly magazine for the transfusion professionals community. It includes topical articles related to transfusion medicine and information from all regions.

Transfusion Today

Scientific Journal: ISBT Science Series

ISBT Science Series has been successfully reporting on advances in transfusion medicine since 2006, with a focus on topics that reflect the diverse range of practice in our global society. The journal has now ceased publishing new content, but you can continue to search and read all ISBT Science Series content (published 2006 – 2021).

ISBT Science Series