ISBT Highlight Days

What are the ISBT Highlight Days?

National Societies in LMIC organising events can submit an application to host ISBT Highlight Days. During these days, presentations will be given on a selection of topics by speakers funded by the ISBT Academy. The topic of the sessions are be suggested by the organisers and the programmes of previous ISBT Congresses can serve as example. 

Who can apply and when?

The ISBT Academy has capacity for a maximum of three ISBT Highlight events each year. Applications are sought from national/regional societies in LMIC annually, with a deadline of June 1. The meeting under consideration should be at least 6 months away. A country may only hold an ISBT Highlight event once in two years. Please apply through the online form below. 

The review and selection procedure

The aim is for these ISBT Highlight events to take place in different regions, but the quality of applications, the location of previous ISBT Highlight events, the location of surrounding ISBT congresses and ISBT MoUs related to Academy events will be taken into account. Pre-applications are reviewed by the Standing Committee of the Academy in June and up to three organisations will be selected to partner with.

These organisations will be invited to submit their final applications. The selected organisations work with the ISBT Vice Presidents to develop a programme and identify speakers, based on previous ISBT congress talks / speakers. 

Click the button to see the programme of the ISBT 2022 virtual congress.

The Budget

The budget for each ISBT Highlight event should be kept within €10.000,  the costs can only include the speakers’ travel expenses. 
ISBT Highlight speakers will be approached by ISBT Vice Presidents initially, and confirmed speakers will be invited formally by the host organisation. Each ISBT Highlight Speaker should deliver a minimum of two talks, if the meeting is in-person. The ISBT Highlight Days can be virtual if there are travel restrictions, and ISBT funding will be adjusted to accommodate these changes

Unsuccessful applications

Unsuccessful applicants from LMIC can still apply for Academy funding, and ISBT can offer advice on international speakers. 

Non-LMIC, High-income countries, affiliate national societies and non-transfusion societies can seek ‘Joint Sessions”. These can be with arranged by Scientific Secretary but will not funded by the Foundation/Academy.

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