Use of the ISBT logo

 Who Is Eligible to Apply?

1. The ISBT Academy supports educational activities that include face-to-face or virtual

  • Events with various duration: multiple days, one full day, half-day or shorter
  • Workshops
  • Educational courses
  • Training courses 

2. Organisations can apply for the use of the ISBT logo for their activity when applying from countries in the:

  • Low (LIC)
  • Lower Middle (LMIC)
  • Upper Middle (UMIC) or
  • High (HIC) World Bank Index categories

3. Organisations from any countries may apply for the use of the ISBT logo or ISBT endorsement of an existing educational course. Organisations can request to use the ISBT logo as many times as required in a year.

5. The educational activity needs to be organised by an established organisation. Individuals and commercial companies cannot request Academy support. 


Applications should be submitted at least 6 months prior to the event.

There are 2 application deadlines a year:

  • April 1
  • October 1

Please note: The applications will be only reviewed after these deadlines. 

Required Documents

The organiser must complete the appropriate application form for Academy support, together with the other necessary documentation including: 

  • Justification letter
  • Information about the hosting organisation
  • Programme of the event (preliminary)
  • A proposed feedback form
  • Report(s) from any previous ISBT Academy-supported activities (when applicable).

Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your application. 

The below templates can be used for your submission.

Application Form Use of the ISBT logo

Fill in this form is you would like to receive the ISBT logo for your event.

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