ANBI status

ANBI general information

ANBI status is granted by the Dutch tax authorities to organisations or societies that serve the general interest of the community. To qualify, an organization must meet several conditions including that at least 90% of its efforts must be focused on the general good. Please visit the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration website for more information on ANBIs. The ISBT is registered as an ANBI and is therefore required to publish certain information on its website, including a Publication requirement form provided by the Dutch tax authorities. The form for the most recent year can be found here.


Our information:

The International Society of Blood Transfusion
Marnixstraat 317
1016 TB Amsterdam
RSIN/ANBI 813428178

Members of the Board

There are 16 members of the Board of Directors made up of 9 Regional Directors and 7 members of the Executive committee. The names and details of the Board members can be found here.


All members of the Board of Directors work on a voluntary basis and are not paid an annual bonus. The office staff compensation is commensurate with market conditions in the Netherlands and they are not paid an annual bonus.

Strategic Plan

The ISBT strategic plan covers the period 2019 to 2024 and can be found here. A more detailed version of the plan may be obtained by emailing [email protected].