Conflict of Interest policy / Declaration of Interest Form

All ISBT members with a position of influence within the society, such as board members, standing committee members, working party officers and journal editors / sub-editors are requested fill in this Declaration of interests and affiliations form on an annual basis. The intent is not to prevent or discourage members of ISBT who have relevant commercial or other affiliations from involvement in the activities of the Society, but to ensure that ISBT promotes an environment where there is openness and transparency about possible conflicts of interest and where independent decisions are made.

If you hold more than one of position within ISBT, you need only to complete this form only once, but please indicate all positions within the online form.

Please review the policy in the link beneath and fill out the declaration as required by our statute. 

Completing the declaration of interests form will only take you a couple of minutes. You may find it below:

Personal details


1. Commercial and financial interests

A ‘commercial interest’ is a relationship with an entity producing, marketing, selling, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by healthcare professionals relating to the activities of ISBT.
Financial interests are relationships that are ongoing or have occurred within the past 12 months in which the individual has any financial benefit, e.g. a salary, royalty, intellectual property rights, consulting fee, honoraria, ownership interest (e.g. stock or, stock options). This includes contracted research, speaker/lecturer fees, membership on advisory committees or review panels, board membership, involvement in any other activities for which remuneration is received or expected.
An interest is defined by the nature of the relationship and not by the sum of money involved.

2. Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) refers to intangible assets or assets that are not physical in nature. IP is protected in law by, for example, patents, copyright and trademarks.

3. Non-commercial interests and affiliations

These include, but are not limited to, the following situations:
• Holding a leadership position (voluntary or compensated) in, or undertaking non-compensated consultancy for, another organisation, foundation or fundraising organisation involved in the fields of transfusion medicine and science.
• Being an Officer, Board Member, Editor of any of the Society’s publications or Congress President whilst simultaneously serving in a similar or otherwise significant leadership position with another organisation (profit or nonprofit) having a mission that substantially overlaps with that of the Society.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the ISBT Conflict of Interests Policy, that I have declared all relevant relationships and that I undertake to inform the ISBT.