COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 resources

This page is dedicated to share nformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, which might be relevant to blood transfusion professionals. Find below guidance and regulatory documents per WHO region, useful links, webinar recordings and a list of publication. 

Follow the below links to go to the COVID-19 Convalescent plasma document- or the COVID-19 Blood supply document libraries:

Guidance and regulatory documents per WHO region

Useful links

Recordings of COVID-19 webinars

April 2021

SARS-CoV-2 variants in South Africa and elsewhere by Penny Moore, Karin van den Berg, Marion Vermeulen and Ester Sabino

Click here to watch the recording of this webinar by Penny, Karin, Marion and Ester on ISBT Education.

March 2021

Blood donors during the COVID-19 pandemic: new donor registrations and infection awareness by Marloes Spekman, Katja van den Hurk, Syeldy Langi Sasongko

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar on ISBT Education.

February 2021

Effect of Convalescent Plasma Therapy on Time to Clinical Improvement in Patients With Severe and Life-threatening COVID-19 A Randomized Clinical Trial by Vasundhara Singh and Dheeraj Khetan

Click here to watch the recording of the Dheeraj's and Vasundra's webinar on ISBT Education.

August 2020

COVID-19's impact on Blood Supply in Low - and Middle Income Countries by Claude Tayou Tagny, Maria Satti and Nabajyoti Choudhry

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar on ISBT Education.

July 2020

Convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19 patients: donor-, product- and patient challenges by Arwa Al-Riyami, Evan Bloch and Silvano Wendel presented in July, 2020

Click here to watch the recording of Arwa's, Evan's and Silvano's webinar on ISBT Education.

June 2020

SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Testing: Applications, Limitations and Implications for Blood Banks by Mike Busch, Hans Zaaijer, Christian Erikstrup

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar on ISBT Education.

Impact of COVID-19 on blood centres in Zhejiang province China by Yanli Ji and Xiaofan Zheng.

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar on ISBT Education.

May 2020

Vaccine development for COVID-19 by Hanneke Schuitemaker 

Click here to watch the recording of Hanneke's webinar on ISBT Education.

ISBT Corporate Partner Educational webinar Terumo BCT: Exchanging experience and knowledge during COVID-19 pandemic with Michael Schmidt, Raymond Goodrich and Marcia Cardoso

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar on ISBT Education.

April 2020

How do we secure a safe blood supply during the current Corona Crisis by Karin Magnussen, Flemming Bøgh-Sørensen, Vincenzo de Angelis and Cliff Numark

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar on ISBT Education

Singapore's experience on maintaining blood supply and keeping our donors and staff safe in the COVID-19 pandemic by Kam Wooi Seong

Click here to watch the recording of Kam Wooi Seong's webinar on ISBT Education

Blood supply during the outbreak of coronavirus: Experience from Guangzhou Blood Center by Yongshui Fu 

Click here to watch the recording of Yongshui Fu's webinar on ISBT Education.


March 2020

Update on the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak: Blood Collection and Safety Implications by Hua Shan, Louis M Katz and Mike Busch

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar on ISBT Education

Click on the link to download the ppt presentation

Can we secure the blood supply in COVID-19? The Hong Kong experience by CK Lee

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar on ISBT Education

Click on the link to download CK Lee's ppt presentation


COVID-19 Publications

  1. Sex differences in immune responses that underlie COVID-19 disease outcomesTakehiro Takahashi, Mallory K. Ellingson... Akiko Iwasaki Nature 2020 August 26
  2. A Pathophysiological Perspective on the SARS-CoV-2 CoagulopathyNuray Kusadasi 1, Maaike Sikma 1 2, Albert Huisman 3, Jan Westerink 4, Coen Maas 3, Roger Schutgens 5Hemasphere 2020 Aug 10
  3. Current Status and Practical Considerations in the Development of Convalescent Plasma as a Treatment for COVID‐19 Hua LiaoISBT Science Series 2020 August 30
  4. Platelet activation and platelet-monocyte aggregates formation trigger tissue factor expression in severe COVID-19 patients Eugenio Damaceno Hottz, Isaclaudia G. Azevedo-Quintanilha, Dr., Lohanna Palhinha, Lívia Teixeira, Ester A. Barreto, Camila R.R. Pão, Cássia Righy, Sérgio Franco, Thiago Moreno L. Souza, Pedro Kurtz, Fernando Augusto Bozza, Patricia T BozzaBlood 2020 July 17
  5. Coronavirus disease (COVID‐19) and decrease in blood donation: A cross‐sectional study from Sudan Ahmed Mahmoud Sayed Sayedahmed Khalid Ali Mohamed Ali Salma Bashir Suliman Ali Hammam Saeed Mohamed Ahmed Faris Said Mohamed Shrif Namareg Abdelrhman Abass Ali ISBT Science Series June 26
  6. Genomewide Association Study of Severe Covid-19 with Respiratory FailureDavid Ellinghaus et alNEJM 2020 June 17
  7. Effectiveness of WhatsApp for blood donor mobilization campaigns during COVID‐19 pandemic Usman Waheed, Akhlaaq Wazeer, Noore Saba, Zahida Qasim ISBT Science Series 2020 June 9
  8. COVID‐19 Pandemic – blood supply challenges and approaches in AATM member countries Nabajyoti Choudhury Ankit Mathur Cees Th Smit Sibinga & On behalf of AATMISBT Science Series 2020 July 13
  9. Industry call for COVID‐19 convalescent plasma collectionsAmy Chevalier Efantis, Brenna Raines, Larisa CervenakovaISBT Science Series 2020 June
  10. Blood donation and the global COVID‐19 pandemic: areas for social science research Jennie Haw Kelly Holloway Barbara M. Masser Eva‐Maria Merz Rachel Thorpe Vox Sanguinis 2020 June 15
  11. Clinical use of Convalescent Plasma in the COVID‐19 pandemic: a transfusion‐focussed gap analysis with recommendations for future research priorities Arwa Z. Al‐Riyami Richard Schäfer Karin van den Berg Evan M. Bloch Lise J. Estcourt Ruchika Goel Salwa Hindawi Cassandra D. Josephson Kevin Land Zoe K. McQuilten Steven L. Spitalnik Erica M. Wood Dana V. Devine Cynthia So‐OsmanVox Sanguinis June 15
  12. Early experience with convalescent plasma as immunotherapy for COVID‐19 in China: Knowns and unknowns Binzhen Chen, Rong Xia Vox Sanguinis 2020 June 9
  13. Guidance for the procurement of COVID‐19 convalescent plasma: differences between high‐ and low‐middle‐income countries Bloch, Goel, Wendel, Burnouf, Al‐Riyami, Ang, DeAngelis, Dumont, Land, Lee, Oreh, Patidar, Spitalnik, Vermeulen, Hindawi, Van den Berg, Tiberghien, Vrielink, Young, Devine, So – Osman Vox Sanguinis 2020 June 13
  14. Regarding International Forum on Hospital Transfusion Services’ Response to COVID‐19 Massimo Franchini Giuseppe Marano Claudio Velati Ilaria Pati Simonetta Pupella Giancarlo Maria Liumbruno Vox Sanguinis 2020 June 9
  15. Covid‐19 pandemic‐ response to challenges by blood transfusion services in India: a review report Yashaswi Dhiman, Gopal K. Patidar and Satyam AroraISBT Science Series 2020 May
  16. Blood supply strategies facing a reference blood centre in Brazil during the COVID‐19 pandemic Maria de Lourdes Barjas‐Castro José Eduardo Baumgartner Leandro N. M. Sales Roberta A. Santos Fabrício B. Pereira Vagner CastroISBT Science Series 2020 May 19
  17. Randomization amid a pandemic – a critical appraisal regarding convalescent plasma therapy clinical trials for COVID‐19 patients Suvro Sankha Datta and Sabita BasuISBT Science Series May 13
  18. Blood supply milestones in the Netherlands in the first weeks of COVID‐19Praiseldy (Syeldy) Langi Sasongko Katja van den Hurk Daphne C. Thijssen‐TimmerISBT Science Series 2020 May
  19. Use of COVID‐19 convalescent plasma in low‐ and middle‐income countries: a call for ethical principles and the assurance of quality and safety Jay Epstein, W. Martin Smid, Silvano Wendel, Daniel Somuah, Thierry BurnoufVox Sanguinis 2020 May 28
  20. Vox Sanguinis International Forum on Hospital Transfusion Services' Response to COVID‐19 Lozano et al Vox Sanguinis 2020 May 13
  21. Vox Sanguinis International Forum on Hospital Transfusion Services' Response to COVID‐19Yazer, Jackson, Pagano, Rahimi‐Levene, Peer, Bueno, Jackson, Shan, Amorim‐Filho, Lopes, Boquimpani, Sprogøe, Topholm Bruun, Titlestad, Rushford, Wood, McQuilten, de Angelis, Delle Donne, Murphy, Staves, Cho, Nakamura, Hangaishi, Callum, Lin, LozanoVox Sanguinis 2020 May 8
  22. Impact of the COVID‐19 – a regional blood centre's perspectiveJennifer N. S. Leung Cheuk-Kwong LeeISBT Science Series 2020 April
  23. Assessment of COVID‐19 exposure risk in the blood transfusion laboratory Veera Sekaran Nadarajan Christina Lai Ling Lee Sasheela Sri La Sri Ponnampalavanar ISBT Science Series 2020 April
  24. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak in ChinaZunyou Wu, Jennifer M. McGooganJAMA. February 24, 2020. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.2648
  25. Impact of COVID‐19 on blood centres in Zhejiang province ChinaYongjun Wang Wenjuan Han Lingling Pan Cuier Wang Yan Liu Wei Hu Huapin Zhou Xiaofan ZhengVox Sanguinis 2020 April 29
  26. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) and decrease in blood donation: experience of Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) Saeed Mohammadi Seyed Morteza Tabatabaei Yazdi Peyman Eshghi Amir Hossein Norooznezhad Vox Sanguinis 2020 April 9
  27. Operational protocol for donation of anti‐COVID‐19 convalescent plasma in Italy Massimo Franchini Giuseppe Marano Claudio Velati Ilaria Pati Simonetta Pupella Giancarlo Maria Liumbruno Vox Sanguinis 2020 April 23
  28. Points to consider in the preparation and transfusion of COVID‐19 convalescent plasmaJay Epstein Thierry BurnoufVox Sanguinis April 22
  29. Post‐donation COVID‐19 identification in blood donors So‐Yong Kwon Eun‐Jin Kim Yu Soek Jung Jin Sung Jang Nam‐Sun ChoVox Sanguinis 2020 April 2
  30. Collecting and evaluating convalescent plasma for COVID‐19 treatment: why and how? Pierre Tiberghien Xavier de Lamballerie Pascal Morel Pierre Gallian Karine Lacombe Yazdan Yazdanpanah Vox Sanguinis 2020 April 2
  31. Obstetric anaemia in Africa in the time of COVID‐19: a call to action Claire Louise Barrett ISBT Science Series 2020 April
  32. Convalescent Plasma to Treat COVID-19John D. Roback, Jeannette GuarnerJAMA. March 27, 2020. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.4940
  33. The convalescent sera option for containing COVID-19Arturo Casadevall and Liise-anne PirofskiThe Journal of Clinical Investigation March 13, 2020, 10.1172/JCI138003
  34. Treatment of 5 Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19 With Convalescent PlasmaChenguang Shen, Zhaoqin Wang, Fang Zhao et alJAMA. March 27, 2020. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.4783
  35. The feasibility of convalescent plasma therapy in severe COVID-19 patients: a pilot studyKai Duan et alMedRxiv, March 23, 2020
  36. Inactivation of Middle East respiratory syndrome-coronavirus in human plasma using amotosalen and ultraviolet A lightSalwa I. Hindawi et alTransfusion. 2018 Jan;58(1):52-59. doi: 10.1111/trf.14422




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