Aim of the webinar

The collection of plasma for fractionation and the need for European self-sufficiency was made evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. NHSBT began its Plasma Journey in March 2020 when the COVID pandemic hit and NHSBT was asked to deliver a Convalescent Plasma Collection service. One year later, in February 2021 the UK’s MHRA lifted the restriction, allowing the NHSBT to establish a Plasma for Medicines program to improve the UK’s self-sufficiency for PDMPs.

In this presentation we will describe:

  1. The validation process of a new plasmapheresis platform in March 2022,
  2. Operator and donor feedback, including donor retention, and
  3. How the new devices allowed the expansion of our donor base for plasma collection, especially the increase in female donor eligibility.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with additional team members from the NHSBT:

  • Donna Cullen, Head of Nursing
  • Wayne Brown – Specialist Nurse PFM
  • Lisa Adams – Transformation Manager
  • Daniel Clarke – Head of Component Integration
  • Richard Castanheira – Head of Performance - PFM

Level of education required

Intermediate (practical application)

What prior knowledge is required?

Basic knowledge of blood component processing and storage is required.

Who can attend?

Blood bankers, source plasma collectors, transfusion practitioners, managers, processing technicians, and master of PhD students.


Claire Tranter

Claire Tranter

Specialist nurse Plasma for Medicine, NHS, UK

Claire has worked with NHSBT for 3 years. She joined NHSBT during the call for Convalescent Plasma and is now part of a Clinical Team driving forward the development of the Plasma