The I TRY IT programme is an initiative of the ISBT Academy and is led by members of the Transfusion-Transmitted Infectious Disease and Clinical Transfusion Working Parties. I TRY IT is a two part programme.

  • Part 1 consists of training in Study Design and Protocol Development
  • Part 2 consists of training in Analysing Data and Manuscript Preparation. The two parts of the programme are offered in different years. The focus of the programme in 2021 will be Study Design and Protocol Development.

1. Conceiving the Research Question and Study Hypothesis - May 12, 2021

2. Background & Significance Sections of a Protocol

          Literature searches using Pubmed and other information warehouses

3. Basics of Measurement: Variable Types, Precision and Accuracy

4. Estimating Sample Size & Power

5. Overview of Study Designs Part 1

                Observational Study Designs (case series, cohort, case-control)

                Randomized Designs

6. Overview of Study Designs Part 2

Designing Studies of Medical Tests, including Sensitivity and Specificity

Large data bases and “big data”

7. Data Validity, Cause and Effect, Issues of Bias

8. Data collection, quality control and preparation for analysis & Introduction to Statistics

9. Development of research questionnaires and data collection instruments

10. Research Ethics and Budget

Quick Facts

Submit your application online (please scroll down), with your CV and research idea.

To apply, please provide the following:

  1. A current version of your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
    • Please be sure to list any scientific publications.
  2. A preliminary research idea or research question description.
    • This overview must not exceed a one-sided single page, describing the transfusion related study you would like to conduct

Application for the 2021 programme is now closed. Please check back later this year for next year's programme. 






Research in your country can benefit transfusion medicine locally and contribute to the global body of knowledge in transfusion medicine