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The International Rare Donor Panel (IRDP)

The International Rare Donor Panel (IRDP) was conceived under a joint World Health Organisation (WHO) and ISBT initiative in 1965 to facilitate the rapid location and exchange of rare blood between countries. The panel currently contains details of rare donors from 27 contributing countries and also frozen unit inventories from frozen blood banks around the world.

The compilation and maintenance of the IRDP is carried out by The International Blood Group Reference Laboratory (IBGRL) in Bristol, UK and the IRDP database can be accessed by authorised users via the website

Access is restricted to medical professionals who may be required to source rare blood for clinical use only. All access requests should be made by email to the IBGRL ([email protected]) and staff at the IBGRL will also be happy to assist with a search when required.

German Society for Transfusion Medicine and Immunohematology (DGTI)

DGTI represents Transfusion Medicine in the German-speaking countries (Austria, Switzerland and Germany). DGTI comprises a WP on rare blood groups (Arbeitsgruppe "Seltene Blutgruppen").

Their website supports colleagues in their search for rare blood providing links to national and international institutions with stocks of rare blood or registries of rare donors. The website also deals with the current rare blood challenges; this information is partially in English.

To register Rare Donors on the DGTI's Registry, click here.



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