The aim of this toolkit is to assist blood centers and researchers interested in expanding their services in public health programs.

The goal is to provide a framework enabling researchers and/or blood centers to:

  • Increase recognition of the role blood donors can play in public health
  • Efficiently gain commitment and funding from various agencies for new research and surveillance

Toolkit Content

Section 1: What Blood Centers can offer to Public Health

The contents of this section include:

  • Information for creating a fact-based document that can be shared with public health agencies
  • Information from a recent public health research survey 
  • Description on how to use donors as a useful population for research studies
  • Literature references with examples of the use of donors for public health research
  • List of global agencies with contact information
  • List of blood center labs with research capabilities and what is available 
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Which agencies cover what aspects globally?

Scientific Publication

How do we decide how representative our donors are for public health surveillance?


Research partnerships between blood services and public health authorities: An international, cross-sectional survey


List of blood center labs with research capabilities and what is available

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Emerging Infectious Disease Resources


Suggested Research Priorities for Emerging Infections


Section 2: How to enhance the ability to support emerging outbreaks once discovered

The contents of this section include:

  • Considerations for development of a biobank
  • A customizable template for a biobank management framework
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Considerations for the development of a biobank


Management and Governance of a Plasma Biobank Framework