This webinar was held in June 2021 and was co-organized by ISBT and Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies and was part of a series of scientific webinars on topical subjects around blood transfusion. The coordinator of the webinar was Aicha Bah, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies.

The objective of the webinar was to have a round table discussion on the:
(i) scientific and clinical data on the efficacy and safety of CP transfusion in COVID-19 patients 
(ii) lessons learnt on the optimal conditions such as patient populations, time of infusion, neutralizing antibody titers, ways of working (logistics and access to CP)

The schedule of the webinar is:
1. Introduction and Moderation: Miquel Lozano, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona
2. Clinical outcomes of CP transfusion in moderate ill patients: clinical experience: Claudia Cohn, AABB 
3. Clinical outcomes of CP in severely-critically ill patients: clinical experience: Leandro Burgos Pratx, Hospital Italiano of Buenos Aires. 
4. CP collections -Donor screening, Titration, CP preparation- and timely distribution to hospitals: Silvano Wendel, Hospital Sirio Libanes, Sao Paolo.
5. Pandemic Preparedness: how to make sure that potential therapeutic options such as CP are readily and timely available to patients? Deirdre Fehily, European Commission

Target audience: Clinicians (Transfusion Specialists, Hematologists, Intensive Care Specialists, Immunologists and others) Blood Bank Directors, expert agencies.