This recording captures the first session of Day 2 of the workshop Stepwise Access to Safe Plasma Proteins in Resource-Constrained Countries: Local Production & Pathways to Fractionation, which was held online on Wednesday September 22, 2021.

Day 2 Session 1: Options to improve access to safe plasma protein products in LMIC:
Moderators: Jean-Claude Faber (Luxembourg - ISBT WP GBS) and Jay Epstein (USA - ISBT WP GBS)
- Giuliano Grazzini, Italy - FIODS: Recruitment and retention of safe Donors 
- Pierre Tiberghien, France - EFS: Quarantine of plasma as a means to reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted infection: logistics and feasibility 
- Technologies for pathogen reduction (PR) of single-donor or mini-pools of plasma, cryoprecipitate, and immunoglobulins, experience from suppliers and users:
Strategies to move safe plasma products into low resource areas: overview and experience with Riboflavin/UV (Jeffrey McCullough, USA)
Psoralen/UVA (Hans Vermeij, Brazil - Cerus)
Methylene blue/light (Stefan Reichenberg, Germany - Macopharma)
Pathogen reduction of COVID-19 convalescent plasma (Salwa Hindawi, Saudi Arabia - King Abdulaziz University)
Mini-pool solvent/detergent of plasma, cryoprecipitate & caprylic acid fractionation of immunoglobulins (VIPS) (Magdy El-Ekiaby, Egypt, Shabrawishi Hospital)
- Johannes Bluemel, Germany - PEI: Viral safety of plasma derived components
- Discussion/Q&A


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