This recording captures the first session of Day 1 of the workshop Stepwise Access to Safe Plasma Proteins in Resource-Constrained Countries: Local Production & Pathways to Fractionation, which was held online on Tuesday September 21, 2021.

Day 1, Session 2: Options for fractionation of domestic plasma
Moderators: Thierry Burnouf (Taiwan - ISBT WP GBS) and Junping Yu (Geneva - WHO)
- Yuyun Maryuningsih, Geneva - WHO: Wastage of plasma in LMIC 
- Vee Armstrong, Australia: Key steps to improve quality of plasma for further processing
- Jan Bult, The Netherlands - PPTA: Plasma fractionation technologies: benefits and limitations; technical issues
- Françoise Rossi, France - IPFA: Oversight of contract plasma fractionation 
- Country experiences: Thailand (Narin Kijkriengkraikul, Thailand - Thai Red Cross Society), Argentina (Andrea Corina Zucchi, Argentina - UNC) 
- Discussion/Q&A


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