This recording captures the first session of Day 3 of the workshop Stepwise Access to Safe Plasma Proteins in Resource-Constrained Countries: Local Production & Pathways to Fractionation, which was held online on Thursday September 23, 2021.

Day 3 Session 2: The Way Forward
Moderators: Martin Smid (The Netherlands - ISBT WP GBS) and Jay Epstein (USA - ISBT WP GBS)
- Models for technology transfer and technical assistance (Leni von Bonsdorff, Finland - IPFA)
- Panel discussion: Lessons learned and next steps (Junping Yu, WHO; Giuliano Grazzini, FIODS; Cesar Garrido and Salou Diop, WFH; Johan Prevot, IPOPI; Johannes Bluemel, PEI; Leni von Bonsdorff, IPFA; Jan Bult, PPTA)


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