This talk Endothelial Cells of Pulmonary Origin Display Increased Sensitivity to LPS-priming in TRALI Induction was presented by Sofia Morsing on November 17, 2019, at the 30th Regional Congress of the ISBT in Bangkok, Thailand.

The session The best of the best Young Investigators included the following presentations:

Sofia Morsing: Endothelial Cells Of Pulmonary Origin Display Increased Sensitivity To LPS-Priming In TRALI Induction
- Phatchira Thattanon: Development Of Monoclonal Anti-DIA From An Antibody Phage Display Library
- Anisha Navkudkar: Serial Monitoring Of Ionized Calcium Levels During Plateletpheresis Procedure In Voluntary Platelet Donors In A Tertiary Care Oncology Centre
- Aiin Yaakob: Seroconversion Rate Among Repeat Donors At National Blood Center, Kuala Lumpur Between 2016-2018
- Roongaroon Phuangtham: Typing Of CD36 Deficient Individuals By Quantification Of Soluble CD36 In Plasma Using ELISA
- Suman Sudha Routray: Burden Of Neonatal Jaundice In NICU With Special Reference To Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia In Eastern India