This webinar was be presented on November 17, 2021 by Sandra Nance and Cinzia Paccapelo. The webinar was moderated by Mireia Torcal from Grifols. During the webinar, the audience participated in a polling. Please note that it is not possible anymore to submit your answers. 

1. Aim of the webinar: This webinar will present an overview of the RDP across the different countries involved in this program and a practical experience from a site on how this program helps in obtaining rare blood. 

2. Level of education required (1-5):  2 - Novice (limited experience), 3 - intermediate (practical application), 4 - Advanced (applied theory)

3. What prior knowledge is required? 

It is recommended to read the following supplements from Immunohematology journal: 

4. Target audience

Scientists, blood bankers, transfusion practitioners, managers and technicians.


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