Aim of the webinar:

In Europe, for more than one decade we observe the effect of aging of the blood donor population and concomitantly lower rates of younger donor recruitment. After the COVID-19 pandemic and the imposing restrictions,  blood centers are having difficulties reaching similar levels of whole blood donor enrollment as before the pandemic.

Blood centers need to find strategies to maximize their whole blood donation, such as:

  • The use of automation – Dr. Perez used 25% less donor-derived Interim Platelet Unit (IPU) moving from 5 buffy Coats to 4 - 5 IPU. Moreover: increased recovery of hemoglobin and less blood components are rejected for not meeting the minimal requirements.
  • The development of an optimization algorithm that provides on a daily basis routine the optimal number of whole blood units needed for the production of platelet concentrates with the objective of maintaining adequate stock, decreasing expiry rates or disruption of stock and at the same time increasing the volume of plasma collected that can be used for fractionation.
  • The use of Pathogen Reduction Technology – shelf life of Platelet Concentrate extended to 7 days which contributed to decreased component expiry
  • Freezing platelets as an alternative supply

Level of education required
Fundamental Awareness (basic knowledge)

What prior knowledge is required?
Basic knowledge on blood component processing and storage is required.

Target audience
Blood bankers, transfusion practitioners, processing technicians, master of PhD students.