07 Jun 2022

The virtual congress ISBT2022 was the 37th International Congress of the ISBT held between June 4-8, 2022.

The Novel Blood Groups session included the following presentations: 

1. Toru Miyazaki: DSLK and KG are antithetical antigens in the RHAG blood group system
2. Cecilia Gonzalez-Santesteban: Identification of a new low prevalence antigen in the RHAG glycoprotein
3. Thierry Peyrard: Characterization of a novel high-prevalence antigen in the KEL blood group system
4. Glenn Ramsey: Structural locations of single-nucleotide missense variants in the Kidd blood group on human urea transporter B
5. Kazumi Isa: Two new JK silencing alleles identified by a single molecule sequencer with 20 kb-long reads
6. Morgan Gueuning: Nanopore sequencing to resolve Kidd blood group discrepancies


After the presentations, there was a questions and answers session of about 15 minutes, which is also included in the recording.