Patients with the Asian-type Del can safely be transfused with RhD-positive blood

Nysa McGowan, Gloria Wu, Yanli Ji

Aim of the Live Journal Club

Asian-type DEL is the most prevalent DEL variant worldwide with more than two million carriers of this phenotype. It has been the hypothesis for almost 20 years that Asian-type DEL patients should be treated as RhD-positive individuals. The publication that was addressed during this Live Journal Club provided more data to support the application of RhD-positive blood transfusion in Asian-type DEL patients.

Level of education required

Level 3 - Intermediate (practical application)

Prior knowledge required

Ji Y, Luo Y, Wen J, et al. Patients with Asian-type DEL can safely be transfused with RhD-positive blood. Blood. 2023 Apr 27;141(17):2141-2150.

Target audience

Scientists, blood bankers, transfusion practitioners, technicians and graduate students with an interest in blood group research.