Aim of the webinar

The objective of this webinar was to discuss the clinical relevance of antibodies of undetermined specificity (AUS) as well as to explore the laboratorial factors that can help to identify AUS potentially associated with post-transfusion hemolytic reactions. 
The criteria for classifying RBC antibodies as AUSs strategies to transfuse patients presenting with these antibodies was also discussed.

Level of education required

Open to all levels.

What prior knowledge is required? 

The topic of this Live Journal Club was based on the content of following manuscript: de Albuquerque da Veiga Conrado, M. C., Cardoso, R. A., Dezan, M. R., Oliveira, V. B., Neto, A. D. C., Ziza, K. C., & Dinardo, C. L. (2019). Prevalence and laboratorial determinants of the clinical relevance of antibodies of undetermined specificity. Vox sanguinis, 114(6), 616-621.

Target audience

Blood bankers, transfusion practitioners, students and experts in immunohematology.


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