05 Jun 2022

The virtual congress ISBT2022 was the 37th International Congress of the ISBT held between June 4-8, 2022.

The TACO and TRALI danger from neutrophils session included the following presentations: 

1. Lin Fung: The journey of TRALI and TACO: How far have we come?
2. Marie-Pier Domingue: Risk of TRALI and HIV associated with donations from transgender donors in Quebec, Canada
3. John-Paul Tung: Soluble CD40L mediates endothelial cell cytotoxicity in a two-hit neutrophil-dependent pathway of TRALI
4. Sara Chiaretti: Human Neutrophil Antigen 3 genotype impacts neutrophil-mediated endothelial cell cytotoxicity in a two-event model of TRALI
5. Torsten J Schulze: Mono-allelic CD177 expression results in reduced protein expression on neutrophils
MODERATOR: John Semple

After the presentations, there was a questions and answers session of about 15 minutes, which is also included in the recording.


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