Courses about Antigen-Antibody Reactions

In this series of courses you will first explore red cell antigens, antibodies, and reactions that are important in blood banking and transfusion medicine and then focus on aspects that help us understand reactions observed when testing in the laboratory.

The available courses are: 

Course 1. Introduction to antigen-antibody reactions
Course 2. Antigen-antibody reactions in the laboratory
Course 3. The use of cells and antibodies as reagents
Course 4. Antigen and antibody variation and antihuman globulin
Course 5. Antiglobulin tests

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Courses about antigen-antibody reactions

These courses support the development of fundamental knowledge to understanding antigen-antibody reactions in the laboratory and in transfusion scenarios.

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Courses about Transfusion Reactions 

Transfusion reactions are complications, which can be severe and may even result in death. The reactions may also have consequences on the decision for further transfusions. Therefore, recognizing understanding transfusion reactions and learning how to handle them is of great importance for the patients’ safety.

These modules aim to provide a basic understanding of Transfusion Reactions recognition, investigation and management for healthcare professionals. They are intended for educational purposes. Learners are advised to refer to local policies and procedures as needed.

The module has two parts: an introduction and 7 case studies. The introduction describes various aspects of transfusion reactions. Please read and study these thoroughly. In the case studies, your newly acquired knowledge will be tested. 

Throughout the course, you will find short quizzes to enhance your learning experience. You will have two attempts to answer correctly.

The courses are available free of charge in English, Spanish and French, you will only be asked to register so that  your progress is saved and you will be able to continue where you left off when you login again. 

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