The Programme

Wednesday May 11

12:30-13:10 Welcome and Introduction

Chair: Mickey Koh

12:30-12:35 Welcome and housekeeping, Mickey Koh
12:35-12:40 Why we organized this workshop, Christian Gabriel
12:40-13:00 Facts from the ISBT survey – a worldwide perspective, Denese Marks
13:00-13:10 General Discussion

13:30-16:30 Basics

Chair: Mickey Koh

13:30-13:50 Anatomy and functional interplay of lacrimal glands, meibom glands and cornea, Friedrich Paulsen, Erlangen, Germany
13:50-14:10 Corneal regeneration - with a focus on topical therapy, tentative Neil Lagali, Linköping, Sweden
14:10-14:30 Current concepts and experimental approaches of lacrimal gland regeneration, Sonja Mertsch, Oldenburg, Germany
14:30-14:50 Discussion: Interplay of glands in the anterior eye, their function and effects on corneal regeneration


14:50-15:10 Content of healthy human tears, John G Lawrenson, London, UK
15:10-15:30 Content of healthy human serum, Reinhard Henschler, Leipzig, Germany
15:30-15:50 Content of platelets and platelet lysate, Thierry Burnouf, Taipei, Taiwan
15:50-16:10 Discussion: Main differences and similarities of tears, serum and platelets 

16:10-16:30 Neurotrophic Keratopathy, Phillip Roberts, Vienna, Austria


Thursday May 12

8:30-11:15 Diseases of the anterior eye requiring EDHO

Chair: Reinhard Henschler

8:30-9:00 Dry eye disease and Sjögren syndrome, Jutta Horwath-Winter, Graz, Austria
9:00-9:20 GvHD of the eye, Tina Dietrich-Ntoukas, Berlin, Germany
9:20-9:40 Post surgery, post LASIK complications, Tentative Volkan Tahmaz, Cologne, Germany
9:40-9:55 Discussion: Similarities of mayor diseases requiring EDHO

Coffee break 

10:20-10:40 Pharmaceutical eye drops for the treatment of dry eye disease
10:40-11:00 Eye drops, new developments, Stasi Kali, Boston, USA
11:00-11:15 Discussion: The flip side of the coin to EDHO: other treatments - better or worse?

11:15-15:45 Donation of EDHO and production of serum eye drops

Chair: Katharina Schallmoser

11:15-11:30 Autologous donation – are all donors eligible? Christian Gabriel, Graz, Austria
11:30-11:45 Allogeneic donation – all blood donors qualified? Birgit Gathof, Köln, Germany
11:45-12:00 Discussion: Which donors are really qualified? Is autologous better than allogeneic? 

Lunch break 

13:00-13:20 How to produce autologous serum eye drops, Denese Marks, Sydney, Australia
13:20-13:40 How to produce allogeneic serum eye drops, Dirk de Korte, Amsterdam, Netherlands
13:40-14:00 Automation of production, Mu drop
14:00-14:15 Small scale work-flow for serum eye drops, Gerda Leitner, Vienna, Austria
14:15-14:30 Discussion: Can we standardize production?

Coffee break 

15:00-15:15 Pathogen reduction for EDHO, Thierry Burnouf, Taipei, Taiwan
15:15-15:30 Storage, ease of use and the patient´s perspective, Nevira Gergieva
15:30-15:45 Discussion: Safety and what is expected from the patient´s perspective?

15:45-17:15 New developments

Chair: Denese Marks

15:45-16:00 Eye drops from cord blood, Paolo Rebulla, Milano, Italy
16:00-16:15 Eye drops from human milk, Dilek Altinörs, Ankara, Turkey
16:15-16:30 Eye drops from allogeneic platelet lysate, Dirk de Korte, The Netherlands
16:30-16:45 Eye drops from autologous platelet lysate, Tentative Alejandra Rodriguez, Alicante, Spain
16:45-17:00 Discussion: New products – better than serum? When and where?

17:15-18:35 Quality issues

Chair: Denese Marks

17:00-17:15 Sterility testing of EDHO, Birgit Gathof, Cologne, Germany 
17:15-17:30 Quality control of serum eye drops, Dirk de Korte, Amsterdam, Netherlands
17:30-17:45 Quality control of platelet lysate: Standards, Katharina Schallmoser, Salzburg, Austria
17:45-18:00 ICCBBA-ISBT 128 labelling and its applicability to EDHO, Mickey Koh
18:00-18:15 Discussion: Can we achieve quality standards?


Friday May 13

9:00-10:30 Clinical outcomes

Chair: Christian Gabriel

9:00-9:15 Results from first clinical studies on eye drops from platelet lysate in GVDH, Neera Jagirdar, Cambium
9:15-09:30 Diseases to be treated with EDHO – general recommendations, Saeeha Rauz, Birmingham, Great Britain
09:30-10:00 What is evidence based in the use of EDHO? Tentative Elsen Akpek, Baltimore, USA
10:00-10:15 Which products are needed, where and when? What kind of research is needed? Piera Versura, Bologna, Italy
10:15-10:30 Discussion: Can we achieve general recommendations based on outcome?

Coffee break

10:45-11:30 Regulatory requirements

10:45-11:00 Inspections and experiences, Verena Plattner, AGES, Vienna, Austria
11:00-11:15 Regulatory Experience of German Health Authority (PEI) with human eye drops, Astrid Schwantes, PEI, Langen, Germany
11:15-11:30 Are EDHO´s pharmaceuticals? Issues on distribution and validation, Christian Schärer, Swissmedic, Bern, Switzerland
11:30-11:45 Discussion: Do regulations help or hamper the development of EDHO? What do regulators need and what do blood banks and ophthalmologists need?